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Either if you are a buyer, a seller or a realtor, we will take good care of you. Once an offer to purchase has been submitted and accepted, WE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING! We open escrow, set up your Fideicomiso, coordinate title insurance (if required), get the closing paperwork drafted and bring you to the closing table. The closing process timeframe varies depending on the specifics of each transaction; usually it takes from 30 to 60 days.

We provide a wide array of services related to real estate transactions in Mexico:

TeamWork - P&H Closing Services

1. Closings

We coordinate the real estate closing process with the realtors, seller, buyer, lender (if applicable), trustee bank, appraiser, notary, governmental offices, and all the persons participating in the process. We promptly respond to all your questions since the beginning and throughout the process, send you reports, protect your interests and make sure the closing paperwork is correct, fair and in legal order. We set up your Fideicomiso and complete all the pre-closing tasks on your behalf, and stand by your side or represent you at closing. If the transaction involves financing (either granted by Seller or a third party lender) we implement the necessary guarantees and instruments to secure the buyer’s payment obligations.

2. Title Search & Title Insurance

Title insurance is not mandatory in Mexico, but it is definitely available. If you want to obtain a title insurance policy, we can certainly integrate it to the closing process. We take care of the title search and supporting documents, we write the title report and submit it to the title insurance company. There are two title insurance companies providing services in Mexico: Armour Secure Insurance (formerly Fidelity) and Stewart Title. We are approved by both companies.



3. Escrow Services

We do not provide escrow services directly to our clients; rather, we use well established U.S. based escrow companies such as Global Escrow Solutions, TLA and Armour Secure. These companies are specialized in escrow services and give the level of security required by our clients. Your money is the most important and we make sure it is in good hands!

4. Contracts & Legal Documents

We are attorneys, so we are fully qualified to assist you with all types of contracts that you may need, namely: promise to trust, purchase/sell, construction, lease, joint ventures, etc. We also draft other legal documents such as promissory notes, powers of attorney, attorney reviews, due diligence reports, corporate resolutions, notifications, official communications, etc.



5. Corporations

We can help you to incorporate a Mexican company or corporation in less than two weeks! We obtain the name permit, draft the by-laws and powers of attorney (if applicable), and work with the Mexican Notary to formalize the incorporation deed. Setting up a Mexican corporation is a good idea when you’re planning to buy raw land and build, or when you’re buying multiple properties for a rental business!

6. Official Spanish Translations

All the closing documents written in a foreign language must be translated into Spanish, for example, powers of attorney granted abroad, corporate documents of companies incorporated in other countries, etc. We have an in-house official translator for your convenience.